While our list of local birds numbers 160+ species, we have less than twenty native tree species in the Novato area. The most common are listed below in a few practical groupings, with links to extended profiles being added on an ongoing basis. After we get the essentials basically covered, we might add a few more uncommon trees, shrubs, or notable ornamentals at some point too.


  1. Coast Redwood
  2. Douglas-Fir


  1. Coast Live Oak
  2. Valley Oak
  3. Blue Oak
  4. Black Oak

Riparian (Streamside) Trees

  1. Willows
  2. White Alder
  3. Bigleaf Maple

Small trees and shrubs

  1. Manzanita
  2. Toyon
  3. California Hazel
  4. Blue Elderberry

Other Trees

  1. Pacific Madrone
  2. California Bay Laurel
  3. California Buckeye